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If you would like to share your story - or the story of a family member - please see the instructions below:

  • Please follow the link below for Patient Content Questionnaire (consent form).  Email your responses, voice memo and/or video to paintgwinnettpink@northside.com along with a signed copy of the attached Consent Form. You can scan or take a photo of your signed consent and attach it to your email.

 Patient Content Questionnaire

Your story is our story.



Becca Stafford: Event Participant

I had the honor and pleasure of walking with my friends and family to honor my mom. This was the first walk I have ever done, and I am glad I did it. This walk brought some closure for me. I was able to celebrate my mom's memory by "walking it out!" I had my friends and family there holding my hand the whole way.


Marie Dodd Conley.jpg

Marie Dodd Conley: Event Participant

I attended the first Paint Gwinnett Pink event at Coolray Field. There were activities for all ages. It was very well organized, especially considering it was the first year. I can't wait to attend this year. I also want to thank all the people who spent long hours to put on Paint Gwinnett Pink. The picture is of me and my mom, both survivors, at Paint Gwinnett Pink.


Kristen Sapp.jpeg

Kristen Sapp: Event Participant

I am proud to support Paint Gwinnett Pink! The value of Paint Gwinnett Pink isn’t just about dollars raised to support Northside Hospital Gwinnett’s cancer initiatives. There is a huge “feel good” experience when like-minded people band together for a cause. Why do we participate?

The sense of pride and community that happens cannot be measured, when giving comes from the grassroots level of Gwinnett County. As of March 2017, there are more than 3.1 million women with a history of breast cancer in the U.S. Mothers, sisters, friends, relatives… people we know. Even those that don’t participate are aware of the cause when they see orange cones, roads closed and a sea of pink tee shirts walking en masse. It is a powerful message.

There is so much more to this event than meets the eye. Paint Gwinnett Pink makes a public proclamation in our community that other people matter. There is a face for the cause and it is someone we care about. The mission is personal. Paint Gwinnett Pink promotes a feeling of empowerment, awareness, and remembrance. We unite in our desire to do something.


Linda Cerjan.jpg

Linda Cerjan: 2017 Event Communications Coordinator

I became involved because I've seen so many individuals in our community touched by cancer. The impact on the whole family is tremendous and overwhelming. Many times, the needs of the patient are many and often, the resources are few. The funds provided through this event assist patients in making the journey a little lighter and brighter. How wonderful to know that members of Gwinnett are willing to come together to walk and run for the chance to make a difference!


Dr Peacock.jpg

Dr. Kevin Peacock: Physician, Suburban Hematology-Oncology Associates

I can’t wait for Paint Gwinnett Pink this year! What a terrific event it was last year! It was amazing to see patients and families come together to support an event that provides resources for individuals in need, facing a breast cancer diagnosis. I saw many of my own patients interacting with each other, sharing their stories, encouraging each other and celebrating their lives. I take care of patients one on one, so it was touching for me to see patients come together to cheer each other on, and to provide support for others that may experience a breast cancer diagnosis. It was truly an amazing community event, and I hope it is fixture for years to come.


Robin Hoch.jpg

Robin Hoch: Event Participant

I am a 6 year breast cancer survivor, and I am passionate about supporting local charities in the fight to raise awareness and money for breast cancer. The event, Paint Gwinnett Pink, is a wonderful community event, well organized but most of all, a lot of fun! Round up some friends and register to walk together! You will feel so good for giving back to this organization!



Sandra Strickland, Metro Waterproofing: Presenting Sponsor

We at Metro Waterproofing, Inc. are so privileged to have this opportunity to be one of the presenting sponsors for Paint Gwinnett Pink. Many of our staff, employees and their families have been touched by this dreadful disease. Many have passed on, but thanks be to God, more have now become survivors, including myself.

Not only are we a sponsor, but, several of our Metro families will be participating in PGP to help fight breast cancer. The funds raised from this event will surely make a difference in the lives of those who are facing a cancer diagnosis.


  1. Because this will help improve access to advanced detection technology.
  2. Improvements to update and repair current equipment
  3. Provide access to mammograms and most importantly, assists and benefits patients at Northside Hospital Gwinnett.


Let us think about each other and help one another to show love and do good deeds. 

Hebrews 10:24


We are a team who cares.

Metro Waterproofing Family